Protect your most valuable but vulnerable asset. Your Users.

SecureNative helps companies to protect their online users and apps by a patent-pending in-app security platform
Monitoring and protecting at run-time through dynamic instrumentation of business logic and user behavior
Fake Account Creation
Business Logic Abuse
Screwed Analytics
In App

Cloud-Native Security Platform


The first step to monitor and protect your application is to sign up for SecureNative and create a free account.

Signing up will give you access to our security platform and will create a default project with a project secret generated for you which you can use for your app. Every project is automatically associated with an environment (development, staging, production) to help you differentiate easily between environments.

Agents and SDKs

Use one of our Agents and/or SDK libraries to interact and integrate SecureNative platform with your application or servers.


The source in SecureNative represent the data source, there are few different source types supported such as:

  • Website - (JS Agent)

  • Server Agent - (Node.Js, Python, Ruby, .NET, PHP, Java, Go)

Security Playbooks

Security playbooks allow you to define custom or choose from the pre-defined security flows. You can take action to alert you and/or the customer when unusual activity is detected on their account.


All without the need to write a single line of code or even redeploying your app. 

Deployment Examples

Try Our Agents or SDKs

No on-premise installations. No single points of failure. 

5 min Setup


Tracking events


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