Protect your application from
across the customer journey

Use our developer-first security platform to gain visibility and eliminate identity theft and fraud.

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Your customers are your most important asset

The in-app solution to prevent identity thefts across the entire user journey. Our beyond authentication in-app solution will prevent all types of identity threats across your entire user journey. SecureNative’s Account Defense Technology gives you 360 degree visibility into the risky usage behavior patterns of your users.

Why is SecureNative so special?

Only SecureNative bridges development and security to fully protect online customers

  • Beyond authentication: account and identity protection across the entire journey
  • Identify behavioral patterns and anomalies
  • Automate your user security in minutes
  • Customize security playbooks to meet your specific needs

By developers,
for developers

Providing developers a security platform they use and love. No on-prem installation! No single points of failure! The SecureNative developer-first platform is built for agile companies that move fast. Our open SDKs help you and your team secure events in any language and any security flow.

Loved by developers, trusted by security teams



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Let SecureNative automatically monitors all users’ usage activities



Use our pre-defined playbooks or define your own security playbook flows



Whenever a risky usage behaviour is tracked you can eliminate it right away

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