Our Mission

In today’s application-based world the customer digital journey is the essence of everything. Openness, speed, and user-friendly services are key to the success of any business. However, being more open and fast also makes your customers more exposed to identity thefts.

SecureNative's founders realized that legacy security tools protect networks and getaways. But identity is the new perimeter. You need to protect people, not networks or devices. Hence we are on an exciting mission to make our digital open world safer and a better one!


Dan Benger

Dan Benger, CEO & Co-founder of SecureNative, has more than 20 years of leadership success in the information technology and DevOps industry. His leadership philosophy of delivering results with integrity, humanity, and trust creates tremendous team results. Prior to SecureNative, he was the CCO & Co-founder at BlazeMeter (acquired by CA Technologies) and General Manager and VP ROW at Interwise (acquired by AT&T), CEO of Neatcall and TownTouch and helped several other startups to dominate their market.

Moshe Elgressy

Moshe Elgressy, CTO & Co-founder of SecureNative, is a very experienced serial cybersecurity entrepreneur leader. Before founding SecureNative, Moshe was a cybersecurity entrepreneur and executive in DataLayers, Microsoft, Safe3w (acquired by iPass), First Access, Security-7 (acquired by CA Technologies), Carmel Software (acquired by Symantec) and others. Moshe is a very visionary leader that combines both very deep cybersecurity understanding with building disruptive products to emerging markets.

Alex Ivanichev

Alex Ivanichev, VP R&D of SecureNative, is an experienced cybersecurity engineering leader in analysis, design, and development of server to client high performance, large-scale distributed systems. Prior to SecureNative Alex was R&D Group Manager at PerimeterX, Verint, IdentyTechashim, and the Air Force. He was also CEO & Co-Founder of Mevuk. Alex built and led highly motivated R&D teams including mentoring, pushing a cultivating culture of collaboration and innovation.

Join Our Journey

We are honored to work with Development, DevOps, DevSecOps and Security teams of all sizes, from up-and-coming startups to large enterprises. We help these companies to better protect their most important asset, their users. Come to excel with us!


We are pioneers in defining this market space, pushing the boundaries of user security and beyond.


We prioritize transparency, and trust our people to make the right decisions.


We value humility over egos, and compassion over self-centeredness.

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