The Ultimate Customer Journey Security Platform

The SecureNative 3 Protection Layers

Account Security

  • Account Takeover
  • Credential Stuffing
  • Brute Force Attacks

Content Defense

  • Fake Signups
  • Spam & Scam
  • Fraud & Phishing

Usage Protection

  • Credential Sharing
  • In-App Scraping
  • Biz Logic Abuse

Protect Users, Don’t Block Them!

User experience is essential to your success. You need to grow your business without blocking or aggravating your customers. SecureNative is the only product that encourages all users to sign up and adopt your solution. All we do is alert you or prevent malicious activity that causes damage.

Dynamic User Risk Scoring

SecureNative's dynamic risk scoring is the only solution that measures the risk level of each user. We don't just calculate static identity factors (email, password, device, location, browser, time, etc.). Instead, we mainly analyze dynamic usage behavior (what they do in the app, which features and pages are visited, how often they use the app, etc). Based on a sophisticated machine learning algorithm, we provide each of your users with a reliable risk score. So you can make the right decision at any given time.

The Fastest But Most Powerful Security Solution

You can start using SecureNative immediately. Actually now! All you have to do is to sign up for SecureNative and create a free account within seconds.

Then all you need is to add our code snippet or SDK switch to production and that’s it. You are ready to go. It’s that easy!

Customized Security Playbooks

This is where the magic happens.

On the top of dozens of pre-defined security flow playbooks out of the box, you can easily generate and execute your own customized security flows to meet your specific needs. No code is needed, just drag and drop.

Contextual Adaptive Authentication

SecureNative tracks endless variables and their relationships to define a reliable contextual adaptive authentication method. It analyzes the identities, activities, and security playbooks to accurately identify account takeovers, fake signups, credential stuffing, in-app scraping, spamming and scanning, business logic abuse, credential sharing, and API abuse.

Brilliant Automated Recovery

An automatic alerting mechanism that can notify your end users regarding suspicious behavior activity in their account and a perfectly easy way to recover and confirm their identity.

  • Notifying end users regarding suspicious behavior
  • Smooth user experience
  • Letting customers feel confident about their privacy
  • Alerting system admins about malicious activities

Brute Force Attacks Prevention

A brute force attack is a popular cracking method. A brute force attack involves ‘guessing’ username and passwords to gain unauthorized access to your system. SecureNative is detecting and eliminating for you any brute force attack before any damage takes place.

Enterprise Ready

Security. Power. Control. SecureNative Enterprise has everything your business needs.

  • Complete end-to-end security for all your enterprise customers
  • Includes all features and functionalities
  • Unlimited usage
  • Fully encrypted and secured
  • 24/7 dedicated priority support
  • Unlimited data retention
  • Customer Success management
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